I have a bee in my bonnet about learning leadership from nature. Here is someone who says it so well …..

Inspired Beeing

I couldn’t believe it. I had found quite possibly the very last living melified man and he was 115 years-old. This man was on his deathbed, claiming to have kept himself alive over the past few years by eating only his own honey. He was the oldest beekeeper in Turkey, and I would dare say, quite possibly the oldest living beekeeper in the world. He had kept bees during the time of Ataturk, during world wars, during Turkey’s rise and fall as a global power, and during hundreds of Karsian honey seasons.

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  1. Absolutely loved Inspired Beeing, David. Thanks for pointing to it. Does the bee in your bonnet buzz a lot? If so it’ll doubtless be comforting for you to know that he / she has an instinct to rejoin the hive as soon as possible :)

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