>Asda Christmas Protest

>That bloody Asda advert! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. (Health warning – please only open this link to the advert if you are happy to go nuts!)
Actually it looks like they are trying to sell a Christmas survival kit. You’ll get through it with smiles, stuffing and silly hats. The Christmas adverts for Iceland, Tesco, M&S are all like a bushwacker trial – fingers down throat – is that Christmas? “I’m a Vicar get me out of here”.
I have started a petition to protest – where are the dark clouds, where’s the light shining in the darkness, where’s the young pregnant girl, where are the crowded streets, where’s the baby?
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Oh no it’s not!

4 thoughts on “>Asda Christmas Protest”

  1. >God save us from Christmas and these terrible soul destroying adverts. Yes soul destroying because there is not one hint of the birth of our Lord Jesus in them .Just all about money what you can or cannot afford to buy. The message of Christmas requires no money to be imparted. Silly adverts are a way of brain washing the sheep.


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