>Mr and Mrs

>I think I take after my son Leo. From the day he started school he waged a campaign for the freedom to wear his polo shirt outside his trousers. He triumphed by wearing his trousers round his hips – too low for everyone else’s comfort but his own. Our school governors put in a not […]

>Watching trees

>What about these words of Dee Hock? True power is never used. If you use power you never really have it. The words stand relatively unconnected in a box on page 140 of Birth of the Chaordic Age as a mini maxim.Half an hour later I am confronted with Jotham’s Parable of the Trees from […]

>The Innocents

>Well – I’m not sure it worked! The Liverpool Nativity was obviously very ambitious but probably fell between the two stools of celebrating Liverpool life and the telling of the Nativity. It was good to see a city celebrating itself (though what say did the citizens have in that?) and the ideal to be “hospitable” […]