About me

Thank you for stopping by to read this blog. It’s something I started as a way to park some of my thoughts and stuff I want to treasure. For some time I called this blog The Jog because I started it when I was jogging – and, besides jogging my memory, it was a celebration of the thinking that came to me through the rhythm of putting one foot in front of the other. Now, not jogging, I prefer Grains of Sand – and here is a post which explains why.

My name is David Herbert. I started growing up in Leicester. I’m currently growing up in Ellesmere Port. I am a priest in the Church of England. I was ordained in Sheffield in 1974. I have been privileged to serve in communities in Sheffield (Manor and Gleadless Valley) and communities near to Chester (Ellesmere Port and Tarvin). I support continuing ministerial/professional development in the Diocese of Chester.

My main interests are concerned with ministry, organisation, poetry, adult learning and facilitation. As a facilitator my interest is in “first words” that get conversation and learning going. So please bear that in mind as you read what I have posted on the blog. I am not interested in “the last word”. We are only on the way to building expertise and the last word has yet to be uttered.

I am married to Jeanette and we have three boys who, with their partners, give us so much joy. I get excited when my football team, Leicester City is doing well. This is my home team, and I have followed them since I was 5. My twitter account is @davidrherb.

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