About me

Thank you for stopping by to read some Grits and Grains.

My name is David Herbert. I am a Christian interested in poetry, politics and painting. I am ordained and live in Leamington.

I’m interested in first words that get conversation and learning going rather than the last word. So please bear that in mind as you read what I have posted on the blog. We are only on the way to building expertise and the last word has yet to be uttered.

My twitter account is @davidrherb.

2 thoughts on “About me”

  1. I used to be in your church & choir. Sometimes had to travel to St. John’s church & holy cross on a Sunday. Anyway I moved away from Church life, not that I never stopped believing, because I did and for quite sometime, I’m scared to go back alone & can’t find anyone to go with me x Hope you are keeping well. Got married in Holy Cross Church x Went to brownies & was proud to be a girl guide. X I live in a different area now but I work in care & put all my effort into my work x

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    1. Hi there. It is always good to hear from people I’ve known and to be reminded of times at Holy Cross and St John’s. I enjoyed being part of Gleadless Valley even though it was only for five years. Thanks to Tez Hastings on the organ we had some good music at Holy Cross didn’t we? We went back to Gleadless Valley a few years ago. It was sad to see that our house had been pulled down and to see that the church is shuttered with barbed wire along the guttering.
      I hope you are well and that the years have treated you well. It sounds like you enjoy your care work and that you find it fulfilling.
      We moved to Ellesmere Port from Chester and were in that area till I retired in 2020. We are now living in Leamington – mainly so we can share in the life of our granddaughter (soon to have a brother or sister). Whereabouts are you?
      I hope you are able to find your way back to a church. I know from our experience of our recent move that joining a church is a lot more difficult than it should be. Do get back in touch if you want help with that or if you want to chat further. My email is davidherbert8510@gmail.com
      Best wishes


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