I have just been chatting about the happiness and wellbeing research at LSE when this caught my eye – how well said.

Teacher as Transformer

I wonder what education might look like if we followed this simple advice each day for every person who walked in the door’s of our schools?

Imagine a world where we could be happy, responsible, and not deny others their opportunities?

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    1. Jan, I recently spoke to a minister from North Carolina who shared this thought: “Systems are evil; we need the people [treasures] to be good and overcome the evil.” What can those treasures do to overcome the odds? What can we do to help them?


      1. We are just beginning to hear about a new curriculum review. It sounds like there is going to be more teaching rather than less, more control rather than less – system governed by fear and anxiety.


    1. Thanks Rachael. I didn’t know there wasn’t a like button. It must be the new theme – no likes or dislikes. There has to be some way of punching the air and saying YES mustn’t there?


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