>Funny thing about prayer

>When I go to church to pray this is what I do:

I shift some books around, put waste paper in bin, rearrange furniture, sit down, stand up, fiddle.

Except if I am not on my own, when this is what I do:

read the psalms, read the Bible, pray for the peace of the world and those who I know who are in trouble.

When I jog, this is what I do:

entertain random thoughts which seem to rearrange my priorities and set my mind on higher things, and as if that wasn’t enough prayer, a “You lift them up, I put them down” prayer as the road rises up to beat me.

When I want to pray, what should I do?

Go for a run, I guess, or at least, when I go to church, give thanks for the others who help me to pray.

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