> Today’s election victory by Barak Obama has something biblical about it. It feels like an exodus. The 44th president elected 40 years after the assassination of Martin Luther King, who in the midst of tremendous racial hatred and bigotry had a dream. The alection of an a black president must feel wonderful for black Americans. Already the excitement is capturing the imagination of people around the world with the hope that he may provide a visionary and mature leadership.

I am reminded of Moses who led his people from oppression in Egypt and who also had 40 years to wait between dream and reality, and I am reminded of Joseph the dreamer of Egypt – and his coat of many colours.

I hope we remember how the Afro-Americans have been oppressed. I hope the great indignities of their not so distant history are not brushed out of human consciousness and that hoods of the KKK, the burning necklaces and the chains of slavery may continue to testify to the shallowness and shortsightedness of those who cannot see beneath the colour of a person’s skin.

Yes. This seems like an exodus story. The end of an oppressive age governed by puerile thinking. Until the next time ……..