>Fabio Capello and leadership


The latest Belbin newsletter focuses on the management of our national football team and Fabio Capello’s capacity for leadership. It’s a fun article and worth a read. Capello is contrasted with Maradonna and suggestions made about the leadership qualities (Belbin style) needed for the next manager – maybe needed sooner than we think if we lose tonight’s game against Bulgaria.

Belbin does draw the distinction between qualifications (looking backwards – and referring to a different context) and suitability (looking forward and relating to present context). The suggestion is to recruit on the basis of suitability rather than eligibility/qualification. There’s one for the FA!

>Capello’s Law of the Meal table


The family that eats together stays together. Likewise, our new saviour and manager of the England team believes a key to success is for the England team to eat together. I hope Mr Capello has more success than we have had as a family. We managed Sundays sometimes, but at least the England team won’t be prevented from eating together by all the crayons/paints that we’ve had on our table. American research suggests that children who eat with their parents are less likely to abuse substances, have less sex, be less suicidal and have better nutrition. Sorry kids!

Leonardo da Vinci pictures the Galilee team eating together with their manager – with Judas being told he can leave the table early. Jews and Christians have always appreciated the importance of eating together – hence the table in all their gathering places.