Don’t hold on so tight

“How do we present ourviews in the fullness of our embodied and perspectival commitment, withoutfalling back into a pre-modern universalism that has rightly been criticised asexpressing the will to power of those who have been able to express theirviews? I suggest it is not by pretending to an intellectual neutrality which inany case is only a pose, but rather by acknowledging and affirming the conditionsof time and space, which limit our perspectives as well as giving them theirdistinctive perspectival power… We should not hold our views so tightly that wecannot appreciate the perspectival truths embodied in the lives and works ofothers. We should think of our ‘truth claims ‘as the product of embodied thinking not as terminally boreduniversally valid thought.” 

Christ, C P. 1988, Embodied thinking: reflections on feminist theological method. Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion 5, 1 – page 15.