>Human Rights Day

>http://files.amnesty.org/udhr60/en/AI-FireUP-box-320×250-en.swfToday marks the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which reads as a very western declaration (which it is)with what seems like the American Dream as its founding principles. However, it has obviously been a key document in improving the lives of many. It has provided a foundation for constructing human rights, setting the human rights agenda and generating other conventions (like the the Declaration of the Rights of the Child – 50 years old next year!

Michael Ignatieff says: ‘Human rights cannot go truly global unless it goes deeply local. Only when this happens can the idea of human rights achieve its radically transformative aims’

It went deeply local in the Eastenders storyline of the relationship between adult Tony and 12+ Bianca which exploded on our screens last night. This incident highlighted how ordinary and believable abuse and exploitation can become to victims. (This was storyline developed with NSPCC)