>St Augustine’s Day

>Paul Ballard and John Pritchard talk the work of the practical theologian in their book “Practical Theology in Action”. “The work of the practical theologian is to participate in and be a catalyst for the common life of the whole Christian community”.

They quote St Augustine:

When I am frightened by what I am to you then I am consoled by what I am with you. To you I am bishop, with you I am a Christian. The first is an office, the second a grace; the first a danger, the second salvation.

Ballard and Pritchard also write about the practical theologian:

The practical theologian strives to be a bridge across a divide; a catalyst sstimulating change and renewal; an enabler, who allows others to take up responsibilities; an educator who opens up the world to students within the community of shared learning. Of course there are set occasions and structured means to facilitate this process of theological reflection but it is essentially an ongoing process of shared living. It is always a vulnerable and exposed position appearing to have no status or substance other than the wisdom and the skills that are learned in the doing. (p37)