>Leadership Style

> I have to talk with other clergy about collaborative ministry. It begs the question about my leadership style.

According to http://www.teamtechnology.co.uk/leadership-styles.html because I am – in Myers Briggs terms – a campaigner (INFP for those who like the letters) – which means I have a strong sense of value, a passion for issues and champion the cause. According to that my leadership style ought to be very useful where a group has lost its sense of identity or is doing too many unimportant things. Apparently it’s not a good idea to ask me to lead where there is a problem “which needs to be solved with dispassionate objectivity” – but I think most people have discovered that already!

The logic of this is that different personality types have different leadership styles, and that different styles are necessary in different situations. Does that sound obvious? Doesn’t it then become obvious that leadership needs to be exercised collaboratively and that leadership team members need to complement one another, so that there is a range of styles.

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