>Getting off my high horse

> How do you climb down from a high horse? When you’ve decided to ride a high horse, how do you get down? That so much better than what might be a more modern phrasing: “how to get out of the car without showing your nickers” – but that video – see below – does explain the steps we need to take to climb down with dignity.

1. practice

2. gather your material – (not your skirt, but your thinking)

3. get someone to help you down

4. avoid heaving – it should look effortless. Let people support you

5. balance – make sure you have a firm footing – falling on a curb or banana skin isn’t going to help the dignified climbdown

6. make it swift – should be done with one flowing movement –

When you’ve committed to an issue, how do you withdraw? How do you withdraw from Iraq?

This image: http://rubyshooz.files.wordpress.com/2007/07/high-horse.jpg

Here’s how to get out of a car without showing your nickers – (I love the wink at the end):


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