>Radicalising Culture

>Great day yesterday led by Dr Andrew Smith from Youth Encounter (part of Scripture Union). Youth Encounter has an emphasis on helping Christian and Muslim youngsters to dialogue and it sounded like Andrew really enjoyed this work. There doesn’t appear to be any proseletysing – just a desire to know the other as hospitable and faithful.
Title of the day was “Radicalising Culture” which made me think how much radical has changed since I was in my more “radical” days. Now it’s much more about polarising culture – but Andrew did manage to help us think that today’s problems are no more polarised than 30 years ago – the time of Brixton rioys, poll tax protests etc etc – just that the discourse has changed to being a “religious” one, as opposed to an “ethnic” one.
Made us think about whether we operate as followers of Christendom or the way of the cross.
It was good to be welcomed to the Storehouse Church. Great facilities – comfy lounge, various rooms, TV, fruit – modern hospitality.

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