>Bank charge (or stampede)

>For my son being between a rock and a hard place is very painful, especially being ricocheted from one to the other. Recently graduated he starts to make his way in the world. We will call the rock “T-Mobile” and the hard place “NatWest”. T-Mobile try to collect payment. Can’t. Why? Because bank has levied whopping charges. Pattern is set. Charges – refused payment – charges. Agreements. Terms. Conditions. But only one way.
For the rock an agreement is an agreement. At the hard place – resistance with the only give being the offer of a loan at a whopping rate of interest. First they charge, and then they charge again. They seem to know just how to make the credit crunch!
Apparently it’s a hard time for banks – but they shouldn’t be making their life easier by screwing their customers. Or is that why they “value” their customers?
I suspect the story will end happily. Either the bank which boasts a “better way” will see the absurdity and viciousness of the circle my son is in and refund the charges, or the court will have to decide. Banks seem very keen to get students to open accounts – they need to do a lot more in the transition between uni and settling in employment.

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