>Overwhelming silence

>How loud should we sing?
That was the question of a group of singers.
The reply: “so that you can hear the voice of your neighbour”.

How loud should we live?
Not so loud that we drown out the voice of our neighbour.

And who is my neighbour?

Everyone has a voice,
but not everyone’s voice is heard.

Children, gays, women, disabled, vanquished and victim
raise their voices, create disturbance.

Desparate voices breaking the silence
challenging the harmonies of the old song lines.

The sounds echo in controversy
as loud chatter decides to reject or accept the discord.

But I have not found a voice for the old lady fading away
unnoticed in a corner of a cul-de-sac,
nor heard the sound of Congolese children.
I dread to hear what they sound like
when the soldiers enter their village.

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