>Counting Hairs

>I am increasingly involved in preaching as a listener these days. Trevor Dennis, Canon at Chester Cathedral, began his sermon this morning by reminding us of God who “counts up my groaning; put my tears into your bottle” (Psalm 56:8) and who numbers even the vary hairs of our head (Matthew 10:30). What was Jesus meaning? Surely he was reassuring his followers that they were/are precious to God. Jesus spent most of his time with people who were on the fringe of society – who didn’t count and were not regarded by the people of power. These people counted very much with Jesus – each one of them (again expressed in the Parable of the Lost Sheep in Luke 15).

Referring to the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change, Trevor Dennis made the point that no longer can we regard God’s love as just for us humans. If he cares for us so much that he even counts the hairs of our head, then according to Trevor, he counts the feathers of a bird, the scales of the fish and the grain of the sand – so that the whole of his creation is treasured and loved by him. It therefore matters a lot that so many species are on the edge of extinction.

Here’s evidence from the Metereological Office of how temperatures have been rising over the decades, with temperatures of the last decade being the highest for 160 years.

The photo is of a “tear glass” used to collect tears of happiness or sadness. The store was kept for remembrance either of grief or happiness.

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