Father’s Pride

It was a great privilege to be at the Degree Show of Nottingham Trent University to see what a really talented group of youngsters is making of things. We saw a really creative engagement with the issues of everyday, contemporary life. It made me realise that good design has great ethical responsibility as well as a heart of love.

I was there as a proud Dad with Leo showing the fruits of his labour, including a project book  on creative photography and some fine creative deskwork.

Dusk life guard

Haven’t desks changed! I remember my first desk – three drawers each side of the leg space. Even then the drawers were overflowing and chaotic even though the intention was to have a drawer for notepaper and envelopes, another for pens, stapler, hole puncher, paper clips and ink. But no more. They are things of the past in the paperless office – yes, my filing cabinet has gone too!

So, what to put in those Fine desk drawers in Leo’s sleek design. One could be a confectionery drawer. Ooh, and the other could be the safe place for the dongle. What else is there? But then, why does Dave Walker’s desk look not too dissimilar to mine?

1 thought on “Father’s Pride”

  1. Lovely modern desk. Much comforted though that you and I share some of Dave Walker’s characteristics! Congrats to Leo.


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