Lousy leaders

Dan Rockwell has posted a list on what makes lousy leaders.

Lousy leaders:

  1. Need to know more than others.
  2. Can’t explore for fear of being wrong.
  3. Won’t ask obvious questions for fear of looking dumb.
  4. Need their egos stroked.
  5. Wonder who’s out to get them.
  6. Fear high performers; they need the spotlight.
  7. Struggle to collaborate.
  8. Won’t change their minds.
  9. Feel isolated and alone.
  10. Sacrifice long-term success for short-term profits.

Lousy leaders can’t serve others because they serve themselves.

I call them “mis-leading”, and that is the point Vicki Davis makes in her list of 10 terrible traits of lousy leaders.

4 thoughts on “Lousy leaders”

    1. That’s a $64m question Karin. It is hotly contested and complicated isn’t it? The answers are elusive – do you think they are better that way? I’m intrigued by the contrast in our current OT readings between Saul (head and shoulders above everyone else) and David (last and least in the natural pecking order).


  1. When I was at my vocations conference at the weekend Dean Michael Sadgrove summed up the “leader” as a “dealer in hope”. Of course there’s a lot more to it as we discussed that day but I liked his little summary 🙂


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