Teaching and hospitality – pause for thought from Henri Nouwen

“When we look at teaching in terms of hospitality, we can say that the teacher is called upon to create for students a free and fearless space where mental and emotional development can take place…. The hospitable teacher has to reveal to the students that they have something to offer. Many students have been for so many years on the receiving side and have become so deeply impregnated with the idea that there is still a lot more to learn, that they have lost confidence in themselves and can hardly imagine that they themselves have something to give, not only to the ones who are less educated but to their fellow students and teachers as well…..”

Henri Nouwen in Reaching Out

7 thoughts on “Teaching and hospitality – pause for thought from Henri Nouwen”

    1. Trust the Process is the Goddard MFA in Writing motto for a reason! The nbmeur of times I heard it while I was a student there is innumerable (or near enough), but it’s a valuable little phrase to get into your head. If you’re not going to trust what’s coming to you, you’ll never be able to write, much less revise (which is where all those second thoughts come into play). I love how you compared it to that team-building/trust exercise, because it really is the same thing!Nancy Norbeck recently posted..

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  1. I really enjoyed this observation Ivan! The range as to which this is observed in education is overwhelming. Much of the boggled way in which learning has been envisioned has produced nothing more than a massive population with an advanced form of “learned helplessness”.

    In my classroom, kids come to me so wore down by the years of uncreativite education, that I have to convince them that learning is the most LIFE giving endeavor that all people have access to.

    I know my main task is to inspire my kids to engage with LIFE in as many authentic ways as possible.



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