Mushrooms, by Sylvia Plath, is my poem of the month. Do you want to know what it’s about? One person says it’s about mushrooms. The beauty of poetry is its surplus of meaning. Poems mean a lot – a lot more than the sum of their words and usually a lot more than the poet […]


Steadfast – word of the day (and night)‬ ‪Staunch and steady‬ ‪the love that lasts long‬ ‪into dark night, longs‬ ‪till the last are first,‬ ‪constant cloud lining‬ ‪past all mists of time. ‬ ‪#Hosea6 #cLectio‬

A Saviour Stitched to a Star

The Feast of Epiphany – when wise ones followed a star, seeing in it the shape of things to come. Poet Mary Karr stitches crucifixion and resurrection to a star (not her words) in a poem called Descending Theology: The Resurrection. I wonder if it is that same star, and I wonder whether the wise ones saw […]