>Knowledge is experience

>Great quotes on education, teaching and learning: An Einstein maxim is ‘Knowledge is experience – everything else is just information.’ We are now in an age where information is more abundant than could ever have been imagined…..students may emerge from an hour’s session with several thousands of words on equivalent in handout materials, downloadable files […]

>The Information Age (2)

>Noise becomes data when it transcends the purely sensual and has cognititve pattern.Data becomes information when it can be related to other information in a way that adds meaning.Information becomes knowledge when it is integrated with other information in a form useful for deciding, acting or composing new knowledge.Knowledge becomes understanding when related to tother […]

>The Information Age

>Listening to friend Carol’s presentation yesterday made me realise how church is tied down by the industrial age. Perception of church is stil very much building based and the church building boom seems to have been part and parcel of the industrial development of the 19th century. Often funded by industrialists churches were places to […]