The adventure of tentin

The occupations of Occupy London are, according to their website, “about social justice, real democracy and challenging the unsustainable financial system that punishes the many and privileges the few”. But the juxtaposition of the protesters’ camp and St Paul’s is challenging those of us on the inside of the Church of England wearing the vest of vested […]

institutional crisis

We’re in an accelerating, global epidemic of institutional failure … [with] organizations increasingly unable to achieve the purpose for which they were created, yet continuing to expand …schools that can’t teachuniversities far from universalcorporations that can neither cooperate nor compete, only consolidateunhealthy health-care systemswelfare systems in which noone fares wellfarming systems that destroy soil and […]

>Dog nose

> With ears pricked and nose to the ground, dogs create a mental map which we can never know. Dee Hock asks the question: “how many ways of knowing are there which escape human perception?” His probing of organisation is spurred on by such considerations – together with the awareness that institutional failure will continue […]

Blackbirds and Hock

I am back with Dee Hock this month as I reread his book ‘Birth of the Chaordic Age‘. What a treat that is for me. Dee Hock has spent his life considering these important questions: Why are organisations, everywhere, whether political, commercial, or social, increasingly unable to manage their affairs? Why are individuals, everywhere, increasingly […]

In my view, we are at that precise point in time when a four-hundred-year-old age is rattling in its deathbed and another struggling to be born. A shifting of consciousness, culture, society and institutions enormously greater than the world has ever experienced. Ahead, the possibility of liberty, community and ethics such as the world has […]

>The Information Age (2)

>Noise becomes data when it transcends the purely sensual and has cognititve pattern.Data becomes information when it can be related to other information in a way that adds meaning.Information becomes knowledge when it is integrated with other information in a form useful for deciding, acting or composing new knowledge.Knowledge becomes understanding when related to tother […]