Notes heard above The Noise of Time

I don’t read that much but every now and then I come across something that takes my breath away.┬áJulian Barnes, through his book The Noise of Time, has me intrigued with the noise of time. This is a poetic book that is well crafted and beautifully composed. It tells us the time and the time […]

Daily rations

[Everyone] should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine picture every day of [their] life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful implanted in the soul. Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Social capital & a man in a hat

Parker J Palmer (worth following) shared this link from the public square of Sadabell in Spain. Turn the sound up, watch, enjoy. It made me think …… Public gathering, public square, ode to joy and delight brings life to creases in old faces Hands wring pleasure. Young hands wielding innocent batons conduct the mood of […]

>So beautiful …. so what

>Yesterday’s Fathers’ Day brought new sounds. Laura Marling’s I speak because I can, and Paul Simon’s latest album. Paul Simon poses the interesting question about life. It can be “so beautiful”, or it can be “so what”. And that is the title of the album. Life is what you make it. I’m just a rainbow […]


> Interesting discussion on supervision at yesterday’s training session for those who are going to be “supervising ministers” for newly ordained clergy. Peter Chantry offered insights from his experience as he looks forward to welcoming a new curate to his Nantwich parish. They safeguard space each week for a supervision session. One hour every Thursday […]

Blackbirds and Hock

I am back with Dee Hock this month as I reread his book ‘Birth of the Chaordic Age‘. What a treat that is for me. Dee Hock has spent his life considering these important questions: Why are organisations, everywhere, whether political, commercial, or social, increasingly unable to manage their affairs? Why are individuals, everywhere, increasingly […]