>So beautiful …. so what

>Yesterday’s Fathers’ Day brought new sounds. Laura Marling’s I speak because I can, and Paul Simon’s latest album.

Paul Simon poses the interesting question about life. It can be “so beautiful”, or it can be “so what”. And that is the title of the album. Life is what you make it.

I’m just a rainbow in a bucket a coin dropped in a slot 
I am an empty house on Weed Street
across the road from the vacant lot
You know life is what you make of it
so beautiful or so what.
Ain’t it strange the way we’re ignorant
how we seek out bad advice
how we jigger it and figure it
mistaking value for the price
and play a game with time and love
like a pair of rolling dice.

Elvis Costello has done a review at Huffington Post. It’s all well worth a listen – with great surprises throughout, including Paul singing through excerpts from the Golden Gate Gospel Train recorded in 1938 on the beautiful Love and Blessings, and a sermon from Revd J M Gates (including call and response) from 1941 in Getting Ready for Christmas Day.

Thanks lads. Now for the concert.

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