And the award for the best …. is

Now is the time of many retrospectives including Charlie Booker’s Words of the Year 2011. I imagine the awards being announced. Best newcomer: “Merkozy”, with the word trailing its expensive gown onto the stage to accept the award and thanking their producers, the euro crisis, and all those who have used the word. Word of […]

hoist with our own petard

The essential thing to remember is not that we became a world of expert managers and specialists, but that the nature of our expertise became the creation and management of constants, uniformity, and efficiency, while the need has become the understanding and coordination of variability, complexity, and effectiveness, the very process of change itself. It […]

Community and proximity

Community is not about profit. It is about benefit … When we attempt to monetize all value, we methodically disconnect people and destroy community.The nonmonetary exchange of value is the most effective, constructive system ever devised. Evolution and nature have been perfecting it for thousands of millennia. It requires no currency, contracts, government, laws, courts, […]

institutional crisis

We’re in an accelerating, global epidemic of institutional failure … [with] organizations increasingly unable to achieve the purpose for which they were created, yet continuing to expand …schools that can’t teachuniversities far from universalcorporations that can neither cooperate nor compete, only consolidateunhealthy health-care systemswelfare systems in which noone fares wellfarming systems that destroy soil and […]

>Dog nose

> With ears pricked and nose to the ground, dogs create a mental map which we can never know. Dee Hock asks the question: “how many ways of knowing are there which escape human perception?” His probing of organisation is spurred on by such considerations – together with the awareness that institutional failure will continue […]


> We took my disabled mother in law to see Ken Dodd at Parr Hall, Warrington a few weeks ago – thank you Warrington for the parking ticket. Ken Dodd is still wielding his tickling stick aged 83. On this occasion his concert ended at 1.00 in the morning – perhaps rather insensitive given the […]

>a story worth telling

> I was in tears re-reading Dee Hock’s account of the efforts to create an international banking organisation now known as VISA. His own passionate commitment had helped to take the process so far, but then an impasse was reached when certain people were not felt to be operating contructively and openly. It looked like […]