A word in edgeways

I was blogging, then I wasn’t. Then Euan Semple reminded me of the importance of sharing thoughts and opinions in his book Organisations don’t tweet, people do. He asks: “how does the world ever change except by people sharing their opinions?” I was preoccupied with business, forgetting that my business is sharing ideas.  My responsibility […]


> This diagram describes the ratio of noise to wisdom and the descending volume and value from noise to wisdom. According to Dee Hock “Noise becomes data when it transcends the purely sensual and has cognititve pattern. Data becomes information when it can be related to other information in a way that adds meaning. Information becomes knowledge when it is integrated with other information in […]

Post-Phone (get it?)

I rarely get letters now – apart from leaflets from the local pizzerias. There are days when the phone does not ring. Communication has changed very significantly and rapidly. We have moved from beacon to drum to messenger to post to phone to fax to email to facebook to …. We have moved from moorland […]

>More words

>With emails, weekly newsletters, sermons, magazine articles mouth and keyboard are in overdrive on communications. I wonder what coomes over. It’s intriguing to have someone play back what I’ve said often with a completely different interpretation of what I have meant to say. Sometimes that means I’ve not expressed myself very clearly, and sometimes it […]