>Singing Lessons


Great experience on Saturday – a Singing Workshop!

Not something I would normally do, especially on a Saturday. we were lucky enough to have Sue Perkes with us – all the way from Tewkesbury.

Apparently singing is as good for you as a workout at the gym, and makes you feel happy because of funny things it does in your brain which are far too complicated for me to understand.

jasmine came with her clarinet. Sue had her getting it out of the box, getting it aligned and cleaning its inside as an illustration of what we need to do when we sing. we get the instrument out (our voice). The inside cleaning job is getting our hearts right, destressing etc.

Made me think of the value of a cantor in worship, particularly one who has the permission to be impromptu in leading the praise.

Another spectacular sight was our organist improvising around Sue’s improvised singing. That was WOW.