Resilience and efficiency

When I had a study I wished I worked in an office. Now I work in an office and I wish I had a study. (Interesting that I use the verb “work” only in relation to the “office”). I was shy about the “study” because I didn’t think it had the street cred of the […]

Goblin Market

Goblin Market, Goblin Market. Goblin Market is a remarkable poem by Christina Rossetti. I love this video version because of its pace, images and soundtrack. The words are here. Christina Rossetti was a volunteer worker for over ten years at a refuge for former prostitutes (St Mary Magdalene “house of charity” in Highgate, London), and this experience pulses […]


> For the first time in a long time I have been having to stand my ground. This is because of an inter-personal, intra-departmental boundary dispute. In other words, we are not sure what we are each doing. This is not a major international incident, though there are significant tensions at the border. We don’t […]

Member of the Board (of ironing)

>Thinking family – a domestic task which has spanned the years of our family has been the ironing. I have been the one who does the ironing – and it has been the mindless job I have been doing on Sunday evenings when I’ve been too tired to sit still. Seeing me through that job […]


Resurrection: Borgo San Sepolcro Today it is time. Warm enough, finally, to ease the lids apart, the wax lips of a breaking bud defeated by their steady push, hour after hour, opening to show wet and dark, a tongue exploring, an eye shrinking against the dawn. Light like a fishing line draws its catch straight […]