Maya Angelou as one touched by an angel

Maya Angelou died yesterday, aged 86. She was born poor and black and her gifts were born out of pain and hardship.¬†She knew why the caged bird sings. Her son, Guy, writes: “she was a warrior for equality, tolerance and peace.” She helped many through the passion, hope, humour and compassion of her autobiographies and […]

Kevin Bennett wrote Psalm 35

On August 17th last year a man was kicked to death in by three teenagers on a dare. The man was Kevin Bennett, 53 year old who slept rough at the back of Iceland in Walton, Liverpool. He suffered a fractured eye socket, collapsed lung and a broken ribcage. His attackers were convicted of his […]

Victims of violence

We will listen, however painful the hearing, For still there are women the world over             being raped             being whipped             being sold into slavery being shamed being silenced being beaten being broken treated as worthless treated as refuse.             Until there is not one last woman remaining             Who is a victim of […]