>Christmas Penguins


The penguin escalator has come round again. 27 years after our oldest son was so fascinated by it that we had to dash out on Christmas Eve to buy it as a present. This year Oliver is presented one by his partner. It is such a happy toy. Is that because of our memories of family Christmases? Is it because it reminds us of our childhood dash to get back up to the top of the slide? Is it that the penguins make fun out of life’s constant round? Or do we just like penguins?

1 thought on “>Christmas Penguins”

  1. >Ah David. I loved Christmas penguins, and chocolate penguins come to that, and the fellow feeling and recognition that your phrase "dashed out on Christmas Eve" brought to me!Happy New Year brother. I hope it's a good one for you.


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