>Meaning what …

>In translation (thank you Guardian 1999 – and for Michael Carroll for pointing it out)

  • “exceptionally well qualified” means “has made no major blunders yet.
  • “active socially” means “drinks a lot”
  • “quick thinking” means “offers plausible excuses”
  • “exceptionally good judgement” means “lucky”
  • “loyal” means “can’t get a job anywhere”
  • “work is first priority” means “too ugly to get a date”
  • “has leadership qualities” means “is tall or has a loud voice”
In our diocese we have three bishops none of whom speak loudly but they do tend to look down on us – only because they are tall (he hastens to add). We look up to them.

Kum II Sung pictured here stood tall as a leader in North Korea – but not as tall as Robert Wadlow at 8 feet 11 inches!

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