Treasure hunt

At the table with Annie commented on the New Northerners’ post Occupation of the Heart. Her word treasure glistened at me. I actually misread the word, presuming that there was more treasure there, and decided to dig for treasure in the word treasures. I am sure there are words I have missed, just as there is […]

>Meaning what …

>In translation (thank you Guardian 1999 – and for Michael Carroll for pointing it out) “exceptionally well qualified” means “has made no major blunders yet. “active socially” means “drinks a lot” “quick thinking” means “offers plausible excuses” “exceptionally good judgement” means “lucky” “loyal” means “can’t get a job anywhere” “work is first priority” means “too […]

>Postman Chris

>Editing our parish magazine is a job I could do without – I’m not the sort of person who likes to devote hours to any one task. To make the job more satisfying I introduce a bit of impishness like copying this photo of some grave humour taken by Scott P Richert. Part of the […]

>The colour of training and a bit of juggling

>Tim Ling uncovered this for a recent conference:Reed Learning asked its course delegates “what colour is training?”Replies: green 44%, blue 18%, yellow 11%, red 10%, black! 5% & pink 5%Fascinating insight or utter nonsense? Well – some would describe green as the colour of growth, development and transformation. It is also thought to stimulate new […]

>Asda Christmas Protest

>That bloody Asda advert! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. (Health warning – please only open this link to the advert if you are happy to go nuts!)Actually it looks like they are trying to sell a Christmas survival kit. You’ll get through it with smiles, stuffing and silly hats. The Christmas adverts […]

>The Curious Incident of the Painted Cows

>For some reason local p**s artists painted local cows! Their work shows a distinct lack of imagination using only white paint (will it be magnolia next time?) and showing nothing of the flair of Banksy’s work. An advertising slogan could be “Milk is good for you” – but then, on the other flank (as suggested […]

>We believe in a Jam Jar God

>A bit of fun in preparing next Sunday’s sermon. With the passage being the invitation by Jesus to Peter to walk on water I looked at what it could possible mean and come to the conclusion that we believe in a Jam Jar – or should that be Yamm-Yah?Not a lot of people know this […]