Preaching for a change

Sermon for today – in which I have chosen to go with theappointed Old Testament text (Exodus 33:12-end) for preaching this morning. The OldTestament is often neglected in our thinking – but I hope you will see whytoday’s reading is important to us, and not only to us, but to all the peopleof God. Jacob […]

Nota Beans

>Nota bene from Rev Ruth’s blog about preaching: The Church Times is talking about preaching this week. The College of Preachers (of which I am a paid-up member, don’t you know?) commissioned a study into preaching at various denominations. 17% said that they frequently heard sermons that made them change their lifestyles. In my humble […]

>Preaching warning

>”The pressure on the preacher is to be topical and contemporary, to speak out like the prophets against injustice and unrighteousness, and it is right that he sh…ould do so, crucial even, and if he does not goad to righteous action he fails both God and man. But he must remember the ones he is […]

The art of conversation

>The words ‘sermon’ and ‘homily’ seem to get used interchangeably. I always thought that homilies get preached in Catholic churches or are sermons which aren’t long enough to be sermons. I have also always been rather wary of the power relationship between preacher and hearer and its patronising nature. Timothy Radcliffe reminded me this morning […]

Man of conversation

Jesus always has time for conversation. He has animated conversation with the Samaritan woman at the well, and the man born blind, anyone he meets. He will eat, drink and pass time with everyone: prostitutes, the hated tax collectors, religious leaders, lepers. God’s word became flesh – not, initially, in sermons proclaimed from pulpits, in […]

>Now this is beginning to look like Christmas

>It will be difficult for the media to find room in their schedules for the “true meaning of Christmas”, but stuck in a media backwater – the media backwater equivalent of downtown Bethlehem – is a prizewinning film by Macclesfield Vicar and cartoonist, Taffy Davies. It’s worth a look at what he has managed to […]