I love this poem/parable of Jan Dean’s and the way she/kingdom undermine the man made house building enterprise.


the kingdom of God is like
a man who buys a bargain basement shrub
and plants it in his garden
and when it grows
it is not a small and tidy thing
it is horse chestnut
alive with lime green leaves
and tall pink candle flowers
its roots will wreck the footings
of his house
and when he sees this great tree
shoot into the air
a solid fountain
pouring shushing foliage
and sparking blossom flames
the man’s eyes widen
and he roars with laughter
such is the kingdom of God

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2 thoughts on “Parable”

    1. I don’t know what happened to the formatting. Didn’t mean to break your window or house. Note for anyone reading this …. It looks far better at Jan Dean’s blog at shinystuff.


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