A turnaround

And so we set sail from Patara. Well we flew home from our holidays actually.

We arrived in Patara fairly wrecked, but left refreshed and restored, thanks to the place, its people, many friends and a great climate. We thrived on the wonderful welcome and service we had (particular thanks to Nadi and Mehmet at Golden Lighthouse). Nothing is too much trouble for the lovely people of this quiet village. I wonder how deep rooted traditions of hospitality and generosity need to be to be effective. They certainly seem to be part of Patara culture, which traces its history back beyond the days when it was the capital city of the Lycian League. It is a place that does us good at so many levels.

Acts 21:1 refers to Paul’s journey through Patara. Paul and Luke came to Patara via Kos and Rhodes. They changed ship at Patara to sail to Syria. It was good to be following in Paul’s footsteps, coming into Patara one way, and leaving in an altogether better shape for the onward journey.

Çok tesekkur ederim, Patara.

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