When the song of the angels is stilled

This poem has a lot to say as we get back to work after Christmas, and as we put the decorations away at 12th Night.

Grits and Grains

“When the song of the angels is stilled,
When the star in the sky is gone,
When the kings and princes are home,
When the shepherds are back with their flock,
The work of Christmas begins:
To find the lost,
To heal the broken,
To feed the hungry,
To release the prisoner,
To rebuild the nations,
To bring peace among people,
To make music in the heart.”

Howard Thurman

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2 thoughts on “When the song of the angels is stilled”

  1. Thank you David ,
    This poem had been on my heart while I prepared a sermon for this morning . Seeing it on your blog emboldened me to share it with the congregation , and it was so appreciated ,
    Lis Wye


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