My name is ….. A reflection for the New Year

Just when I’ve tidied my desk (my concession to the New Year) I’m shown Paul Smith’s desk in an exhibition at the Design Museum in London called My name is Paul Smith. I’m happy that my desk is now tidier than Paul’s.

Paul Smith makes the point that his desk represents his mind. (And my empty desk?). Paul is surrounded by colour, fabrics, toys and many things. They are resources that stir his imagination. They are his findings from his searches and research. This resourcefulness has been immensely productive, as demonstrated in the exhibition.

Paul pays tribute to his wife, Pauline, for the way that she taught him to notice things. Noticing things doesn’t come naturally. It needs practice. So, a New year resolution: notice more. I may have a clear desk, but I do have a mind in which I can store a host of findings. I’ll have to do a lot more research (aka asking questions) to increase that store. And then there’s the question of what I do with those findings. They may not be as colourful or iconic as …..

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