Crossing a path on Palm Sunday

It’s only a donkey! There was no horsepower to Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem. Photo from the World Bank Photo Collection In his excellent book Barefoot Disciple,¬†Stephen Cherry reminds us that we have misunderstood Jesus’ “triumphal” entry into Jerusalem and suggests that we should not be celebrating a triumphal entry on Palm Sunday but a “humble […]

Changing the order of things

It is a privilege to be supporting newly ordained ministers: a group of people in short-term posts on their way to taking on posts of greater responsibility. They are a people in transition who manage remarkably well to avoid being anxious about what might or might not happen to them. They are going through the […]

>pointless disappointments

> historic marker for Camp Disappointment(photo by Jimmy Emerson) That is not the sort of review you would like to see on TripAdvisor if you were the owner of a campsite. There are many places called “Disappointment” –  it must be hard for those who live in those places. “What’s it like where you live?” […]