The scales before our eyes aren’t just the only balances on which the poor & needy are outweighed. There are balance sheets where the poor & needy are written off, accounts where there is no balance, where the voice of the poor is never heard. #Amos8 #cLectio #thescaleofinjustice

Broken: stunning, timely and beautiful BBC drama

For “Broken” read “broke”. For “Broken” read “society terribly broken”. For “Broken” read “heartbreaking”. For “Broken” read “compassion”. Broken is a six part drama by Jimmy McGovern set in the north of England (filmed in Liverpool). It is Daniel Blake-bleak. You can watch it on BBC iPlayer. There are many great performances. Sean Bean makes […]


This beautiful photo By the Rivers of Babylon is by HungLiu. By the rivers of Babylon we sat down and wept. This is one of the most poignant lines in Scripture (Psalm 137:1) recalling such sad times of exile. Those exiles wondered “how can we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land”. Ben Quash, in Abiding, reminds […]

Turning stones

How far skims the stone on the water? big bounces, many bounces, final skip each stone weighed with outstretched arm for howls of laughter for cries of pain. How deep gashes the body with violent pelt? Turning stones on the one hand to the other (weaker) turns random stones from arsenal to cairn no stone unturned Richard Beck posts […]

“There is no neutrality in a situation of injustice and oppression. If you say you are neutral, you are a liar, for you have already taken sides with the powerful. Our God is not a neutral God. We have a God who does take sides. . . who will not let us forget the widow […]