News of Arab Springs reverberate down the ages through times of austerity. Green shoots through desert sand. For that Arab Spring we don’t ride with Josephs & Sons into an Egypt promising sanctuary dragging chains in an Egypt of plague, with a Pharoah begging “Moses, go. ¬†Get me a blessing.” For that Arab Spring hope […]

The Bigger Picture

Photo of Kilham “tunnel” with permission. David Hockney certainly provides the Bigger Picture at the Royal Academy of Arts. Increasingly he has rejected the viewfinder of the camera. The viewfinder of his most recent work is his own eyes and the imagination of his mind’s eye. What Hockney sees is amazing the rest of […]

Replacing repairs

Cobblers used to be in high demand Oh dear. “The car’s knackered, we’re going to have to walk”. That was the response of someone whose car had broken down near to us yesterday. He put a brave face on the diagnosis from the RAC man (diagnosis took ten seconds!). I would have at least kicked […]

The Long Walk to Freedom – still

> 20 years ago ended a remarkable stretch as political prisoner for Nelson Mandela. The next stage of the journey is remembered with awe as Nelson continued his Long Walk to Freedom with such incredible resilience, commitment and dignity. He has been world leader for a generation leading the movement of South Africa from the […]