>Go Between God

>We are used to referring to the Holy Spirit as the third person. By this we usually mean the third person of the Trinity. But John V Taylor, many years ago, drew attention to the Holy Spirit as the Go-Between God – who is the third person in a very different way. He writes; “the […]

Give the kisses

>What can I give him, poor as I am?This is the question at the heart of giving. And as we are crunched by the recession this becomes an ever more pressing question, particularly for a middle class which has come to treasure money so highly. It really dismays me when we hear in our churches […]


“O Holy Spirit, giver of light and life, free us from all that is matter-of-fact, stale, bored, tired; all that takes things for granted. Open our eyes to see, and excite our minds to marvel.” For Pentecost – from ‘A Procession of Prayers’ (ed John Carden – Meditations and Prayers from Around the World)


>Getting ready for Sunday one job is to prepare a weekly newsletter. We call it Network and we try to have a picture/photo as a focus for the Sunday. This one isn’t one we are using on Sunday, but it’s one that refreshed me. It’s called Pentecost by Chris Shreve. Pentecost is a great Jewish […]

>Side by side by God

>Yesterday we played with our text from John 14:15-21 -particularly “I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counsellor to be with you for ever – the Spirit of truth.” At one stage “counsellor” was translated “advocate” or more obscurely “paraclete”. Both those words carry the meaning of “called to the side […]