Broken: stunning, timely and beautiful BBC drama

For “Broken” read “broke”. For “Broken” read “society terribly broken”. For “Broken” read “heartbreaking”. For “Broken” read “compassion”. Broken is a six part drama by Jimmy McGovern set in the north of England (filmed in Liverpool). It is Daniel Blake-bleak. You can watch it on BBC iPlayer. There are many great performances. Sean Bean makes […]

The gateway where hope and history rhyme

In her beautiful blog, Maria Popova describes Reverend Victoria Stafford’s meditation in The Small Work in the Great Work (in the collection The Impossible Will Take a Little While: Perseverance and Hope in Troubled Times) as “gorgeous”. Stafford is “interested in what Seamus Heaney calls the meeting point of hope and history, where what has happened […]

Wearing other people’s faces

>Parker Palmer has a lot of sensible things to say about vocation in Let your life speak. The book has the strapline – “Listening for the Voice of Vocation”. Palmer refers to vocation not “as a goal to be achieved”, but as a “gift to be received”. It is about understanding the selfhood given to […]


In the teleology of vocation, each moment has a vocation; each day, many callings; and each lifetime, many pathways, in the context of God’s Holy Adventure. Bruce Epperly: Process and FaithHe also refers to the words of singer/song writer Carrie Newcomer: The empty pageThe open bookRedemption everywhere I look.