Rags – a poem by Caroline Bird

This poem by young British poet and playwright Caroline Bird has more than a whiff of Pentecost about it. Caroline Bird was born in 1986. Already she has had five collections of poetry published. This poem is from her latest collection In These Days of Prohibition (Carcanet, 2017). Rags When love comes through the vents, […]

Listful parading – a sermon for Pentecost

In our worship we are joined by Christians from around the globe: Nigerian, French, Swedish, Canadians, Chinese. Our Diocese has links with the Melanesian Church and the Congolese Church. Your parish may have other links with churches as well. Some of you may have personal links. The Anglican cycle of Prayer invites us to join other Anglicans around the […]


“O Holy Spirit, giver of light and life, free us from all that is matter-of-fact, stale, bored, tired; all that takes things for granted. Open our eyes to see, and excite our minds to marvel.” For Pentecost – from ‘A Procession of Prayers’ (ed John Carden – Meditations and Prayers from Around the World)


>Getting ready for Sunday one job is to prepare a weekly newsletter. We call it Network and we try to have a picture/photo as a focus for the Sunday. This one isn’t one we are using on Sunday, but it’s one that refreshed me. It’s called Pentecost by Chris Shreve. Pentecost is a great Jewish […]