Giving hope and changing lives

“This task [of giving hope and changing lives] moves beyond what the city council or national government can do, not least when budgets are being reduced drastically. It will require the combined energy, resources and wisdom of everyone to address some of the fundamental economic and social issues we face, and to protect those who […]

Turning stones

How far skims the stone on the water? big bounces, many bounces, final skip each stone weighed with outstretched arm for howls of laughter for cries of pain. How deep gashes the body with violent pelt? Turning stones on the one hand to the other (weaker) turns random stones from arsenal to cairn no stone unturned Richard Beck posts […]

The Fourth of July

There are already “safe spaces for respectful conversations across partisan divides” which have been developed with great care through community development. They are shockingly liberal and discomforting, but need treasuring and multiplying. The above sign is from St James’ Church, Piccadilly in which rough sleepers mix (and sleep) with other worshippers (gathering from across many […]