#cLectio – David’s counter culture

Who counts counts? Counts count numbers,‬ ‪overpower them, reducing them, demeaning them‬ ‪making them number, dumber, cannon fodder,‬ ‪forced labour, numbers & counters who don’t count, won’t count.‬ Beware those who count counter to those God counts dear. ‪#1Chronicles21 #cLectio #morningprayer A reflection for Twitter on 1 Chronicles 21 – the set reading for Morning Prayer today.


Steadfast – word of the day (and night)‬ ‪Staunch and steady‬ ‪the love that lasts long‬ ‪into dark night, longs‬ ‪till the last are first,‬ ‪constant cloud lining‬ ‪past all mists of time. ‬ ‪#Hosea6 #cLectio‬


The scales before our eyes aren’t just the only balances on which the poor & needy are outweighed. There are balance sheets where the poor & needy are written off, accounts where there is no balance, where the voice of the poor is never heard. #Amos8 #cLectio #thescaleofinjustice

I need to go to Specksavers

My poetweet this morning responds to a reading of Genesis 3 It’s also the serpent that opens the eyes of the blind. And when they saw they sewed, dressing their nakedness, hiding their very selves behind blinds of honesty from one another, from God, forever, till another one with love opens the eyes of the […]

First Steps

The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn which shines brighter and brighter until full day. Proverbs 4:18 Who knows where first steps lead? We feel our way through death’s vale, beyond the pale to dark corners, blind alleys, a way hardly taken, through dark nights of the soul. This is the […]