The Heresy of Western Leadership

I am grateful to Justin Lewis-Anthony’s scepticism about leadership. The same day that America was going to the polls to elect Donald Trump I was exploring leadership in ministry with friends and colleagues in the Diocese of Chester including Helen Scarisbrick and Jenny Bridgman. Lewis-Anthony suggests that the leadership bandwagon started rolling in the early 90’s […]

The Bishop of Digne: dropping keys for prisoners

The Bishop of Digne is a key character of Les Miserables. He is the one who offers Jean Valjean refuge, who treats him as an “honoured guest” and a shelter from the rules which allows Valjean to change his mind to the question which echoes through the story: the question of “who am I?” Valjean, or, rather, Prisoner […]

Hope springs …

We celebrated our wedding anniversary by going to watch the film Hope springs … It is a touching story about a couple who have been married nearly as long as we have. Their relationship has become stale. The couple have lost touch with each other. There is no contact apart from the mindless peck on […]

Clocking Hugo

On the one hand there are clocks like this. On the second hand there are clocks like this – click on it. It’s worth it. Clocks and clockmakers have featured as metaphors in theological understandings down the centuries. Hugo is a lovely film based on the book by Brian Selznick which gets the metaphor of the clock […]

>Up North

>We were able to see two films while up north in Edinburgh.Michelle Yeoh, Sean Bean and Michelle Krusiec star in Far North – a tragedy for the three main characters with a particular focus on Saiva, played by Michelle Yeoh. With lavish photography of the far north, minimal dialogue and a beautiful pace, the film […]