>Life Together

> This is from a graphic novel of Bonhoeffer I found on bonhoefferblog. Bonhoeffer wrote a book called Life Together laying down guidelines for communal living in the 20th century. He was a vehement opponent of the Third Reich. At a time when Nazi policy was to eliiminate the weakest (Jews, gays, gypsies, mentally ill […]


>Morning Prayer today included the wonderful reading from Leviticus 25 outlining the teaching on Jubilee. It’s green – recognisnng the rights of the land – every 7th year was to be a sabbath of complete rest for the land – a time for the land to sigh. After 7 lots of 7 years – ie […]


>Miroslav Volf refers to a story written by Alexander Solzhenitsyn in his book Free of Charge. That’s Solzhenitsyn’s picture. In the story Matryona’s House an old woman “never tried to acquire things for herself. She wouldn’t struggle to buy things which would mean more to her than life itself. All her life she never tried […]

Feeding the Church

As Christians we gather at the table and remember what Jesus did with bread on that hillside. The words used by Matthew here are familiar from the Last Supper account and from our own celebration of the Eucharist as well: the verbs–take, bless, break and give–are simple but powerful, and apply to our lives just […]


>It is easy to believe we are ‘cursed’ – naturally, not supernaturally, I mean. The media messages pick on our personal, social and institutional points of vulnerability. All these voices leave us with a deep sense of unease. If we feel cursed ourselves the likelihood is that we will curse others.However, if we know we […]

>The Information Age

>Listening to friend Carol’s presentation yesterday made me realise how church is tied down by the industrial age. Perception of church is stil very much building based and the church building boom seems to have been part and parcel of the industrial development of the 19th century. Often funded by industrialists churches were places to […]