Ringing bells with our wishing wells

  World Peace Bell – Newport, Kentucky Dan Clenendin¬†highlights in his post, the outrage of outsiders,¬†repeats depressing research findings from America (Kinnaman 2007) showing how 16-29 year olds regard the church. Here are the percentages of people outside the church who think that the following words describe present-day Christianity: antihomosexual 91%,¬†judgmental 87%, hypocritical 85%, old-fashioned […]


>What do you do if you want to change something? You ask permission.What do you do if you live next door to somebody who wants to change their house, or if a builder proposes developing land opposite? You complain and you object. ‘Twas ever thus in Nimbyland.And the way through? Thank goodness for our planning […]