>Excuse the repetition

> SEAMS LIKE REPETITION a photo of a baseball from thesussman I can’t remember where I saw it, but … I can’t remember where I saw it. It was a blog post reminding me that repetition is no bad thing, but, I am sorry that I can’t remember where. My repeating myself may be boring. […]

Integrity and teaching

> “A complex web of connections” Organic Growth from the Internet Mapping Project posted by jurveston These lines from May Sarton indicate something of the integrity of the “good” minister, teacher or human being: Now I become myself. It’s taken time, many years and places. I have been dissolved and shaken, worn other people’s faces … (the […]

The Realm of Possibility & the World of Accountancy

>I have just started reading a book called “The Art of Possibility” – which talks about us living in the “realms of possibility” as opposed to living at “Measurement central” governed by “survival thinking”. The authors, Zander and Zander write: “In the realm of possibility we gain our knowledge by invention. We decide that the […]

>Knowledge is experience

>Great quotes on education, teaching and learning: An Einstein maxim is ‘Knowledge is experience – everything else is just information.’ We are now in an age where information is more abundant than could ever have been imagined…..students may emerge from an hour’s session with several thousands of words on equivalent in handout materials, downloadable files […]

The Long Walk to Freedom – still

> 20 years ago ended a remarkable stretch as political prisoner for Nelson Mandela. The next stage of the journey is remembered with awe as Nelson continued his Long Walk to Freedom with such incredible resilience, commitment and dignity. He has been world leader for a generation leading the movement of South Africa from the […]


Two of our children bear Thomas in their name. Their grandfather was called Thomas. Thomas is highlighted in our Gospel today. What was he doing on this first day of the week when the other disciples were locked in in fear of the people’s anger? Did he not share the anxiety of the other disciples? […]

The architecture of time management

The rocks, pebbles and sand squeezing into the jar helped me to re-think priorities and time management. The only problem is the emphasis is still on squeezing things in, which still sounds and seems uncomfortable. I was interested in what our architect Robin Wolley had to say about our church at Duddon. “There’s no space” […]